London Montage

An Observation on an Olympics 2012 Journey

According to a 1989 edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary, the main definitions of “journey” were distance travelled in a specified time, act of going to some distance, round of travel.  These days most of life’s events tend to be described as a “journey”, whether you‘re appearing on the X-factor or competing in the Olympics.   So to find yourself welcomed to your Games Maker “training journey” is probably less surprising than it would have been back in the day!

Not quite “trains and boats and planes” or indeed a rollercoaster, but one aspect of being involved in the interview process and training for the Games Makers has been the actual distance travelled by bus, train and tube to attend the various events.  So far, these have included the Excel Centre in Docklands, Wembley Arena and Hackney College (actually located in Hoxton).  Next stops will be to somewhere in West Ham for uniform collection and on-site training at Wimbledon, my allocated venue.  At least the latter route will be more familiar to me but it has been interesting going to different parts of London.  The day of my interview I also went up to the View Tube (Pudding Mill Lane) overlooking the Olympic Park.  I forget how many modes of transport I used that day but it included the DLR, overground, underground and bus!