London Montage

Enhancing Education by Elaine Howard

In 2009 on the formation of London PA Network Elaine Howard was the ideal person to be the organisation’s Educational and Training Adviser. Elaine has vast experience in the profession, initially as a PA in a variety of high profile roles and then as founder and owner of Kudos Training in 1988 to present day.

Those who know Elaine have great respect for her as a mentor.  She also has a high reputation in the provision of educational and training courses, as well as being inspirational, understanding and encouraging. Elaine promotes education in its very widest sense through encouraging access to the rich and ever-evolving London scene, and enabling like-minded people to meet, network and support each other.

These things present a great chance for London PA Network to continue to evolve and grow and we certainly welcome innovative and enthusiastic members.  Clearly being a part of this organisation will naturally widen and enhance knowledge and experience, in your work and leisure hours. Elaine looks forward to providing news, updates and information in business and educational fields and very much hopes to have the opportunity to meet you all in the near future.