London Montage

Website Launch

Before starting the project it was essential to ensure the branding was right and to consider the unique selling points. This started me thinking about some of the great marketing statements used by supermarkets and big brand names. Whilst we are not in that field, it was important to establish these factors, which don’t come quickly! A specification was produced giving the requirements envisaged for the web design and the next step was to find the right person to guide us along the road to the end product. Research, time and patience proved valuable. I am absolutely delighted with the support provided by our web designer, freshSPRING, in not only challenging my thinking but also their limitless patience with our many questions and nurturing us to, I hope you agree, get a great result.

At our first meeting Nick asked many probing questions which completely challenged my thinking and threw up more questions than answers at that stage! This proved valuable in thinking about the audience London PA Network wished to attract. Other meetings followed. To begin with the appearance of the site was very bare, making it very hard to visualise how it would eventually look, and what content was required. Web writing proved very different to my ‘layperson’s’ initial idea before these discussions.

As time moved on, Nick threw into the equation ‘Social Networking’ and the importance of utilising such sites as a great marketing tool. At this time I was feeling rather ‘overwhelmed’ but with his encouragement my fears soon disappeared, enabling me to concentrate on the task ahead.

Nearing the end of the project now, there are still one or two more questions for our Web Designer team plus checking and double checking the final product. At a recent London PA Network event, Lucy Brazier, Publisher and Editor of Executive Secretary mentioned in her talk to members, the importance of utilising the free’ marketing tools ‘social networking’ provides and how right this has proved to be – thank you Lucy!

This has been a challenging but exciting project which has taken considerable time and energy but I am grateful to my colleague, Brenda, who has been a great support and help in proof reading and bouncing ideas off.

Anne Marks