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Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant – read more from a participant soon

The invitation arrived with the subject ‘Thames, Diamond Jubilee Pageant’, enquiring:

  • Do you sing?
  • Do you have roots in one or more of the 54 Commonwealth member countries?

Why not Join ‘The Jubilant Commonwealth Choir’ and be part of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, celebrating Her Majesty’s 60-year reign on Sunday 3 June 2012. The invitation came to me through the Commonwealth Association and the Trinidad & Tobago High Commission in London. Those interested had to contact Janet Waugh, the Project Manager, Home Live Art to register. They were looking for 120 Commonwealth singers.

I love singing and can sing well. It keeps me in a happy mood and I am a member of Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church Choir. I was delighted to respond to the invitation and immediately applied to join. The choir is directed by Mary King and Orlando Gough.

Rehearsals are held at The Queen’s Chapel in Marlborough Road, London, next to the Commonwealth Secretariat where I worked for many years. Our first rehearsal was on 28 February 2012 and our second rehearsal was actually on board a Thames River boat on 29 February 2012.

It is really exciting to be part of this great heritage ‘once in a life time’ event. I feel privileged and delighted to be a member of the choir. The networking is wonderful as we are able to meet people from all parts of the Commonwealth working together to do the best for the Pageant.

Andrea David Hugh Kong

Diary of A Games Maker – The Training Begins

The purpose of the Orientation sessions in February was to learn more about the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and to introduce various aspects of London 2012. It was an upbeat, slick, glitzy affair, hosted by Jonathan Edwards, with big screens and lots of music. Eddie Izzard was there in person at beginning and also appeared in one of the films.  Sebastian Coe also appeared on film but I understand he may have attended some other sessions himself.

There were interviews eg with the CEO of LOCOG, the Head of Security, heads of client services, human resources etc, as well as mock studio presentations which introduced a series of films showing the varied roles and personalities of Games Makers.  These seemed designed to showcase the diversity and inclusion aspects as well as potential roles of  the volunteers. The uniforms were paraded and explanations given for the colours etc, as well as the one-off design of the trainers. Overall, the session seemed to be aimed at enthusing everyone about their roles and their importance to the success of the Games.