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Diary of a Games Maker – The Training Continues

The training continues.  I attended a day of Role Specific Training in late March. This covered subjects which could generally be described as customer services, eg communications and team-working. Most of the discussions and exercises were conducted in teams. It was a long day but the trainers made it interesting and fun. It included a team exercise at the end when we were outside (thankfully, it was a fine day)! The catering was good too, with soup, sandwiches, fruit/yoghurt etc for lunch. We’re wondering if the choice of food available for us during shifts at our venues will be wider than that of some of the sponsors’ products (eg McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Cadbury.

It was interesting that  many of the participants had not been to the orientation sessions, even though there were several thousand at each event. But with the overall numbers involved, I guess it was probably impossible to cram everyone into the two weekends and indeed for so many people to get to London for them.     We fledgling Games Makers now await dates for collection of uniforms and the on-site training and indeed, actual dates/shifts.

Celebrating New Zealand in England

Kathleen Drum, a  London PA Network member tells us about The New Zealand Society which was established in 1927 as a dining club for New Zealanders in London.  This year we celebrate our 85th birthday and I am pleased to say that the Society is going from strength to strength.  We have maintained our primary focus of social events – our motto is ‘celebrating New Zealand in England’, but the membership has expanded to include anyone with an interest in New Zealand. This allows each of our members to get in touch with their ‘inner Kiwi’, whatever part of the world they are from! Our social calendar revolves around New Zealand events that London-based Kiwis would otherwise miss out on – such as ANZAC Day (25th April) and Waitangi Day, our national day on (6th February).

I have been the Vice President of the Society for just under one year and, although it has been a steep learning curve and a lot of work on top of a full-time job, I am thoroughly enjoying my involvement.  I have met a number of prominent New Zealanders based in London, including the High Commissioner, and have had the opportunity to represent the New Zealand Society at various events.  My PA skills have been invaluable in the running of the Society (our Immediate Past President is also a PA) and I have learnt skills, such as event management, which I now use in my job.  All-in-all it’s been a great synergy!

Kathleen Drum