London Montage

St Pancras International

It was all very exciting!  Members and guests, met with, the Revd Jonathan Barker, Chaplain to St Pancras International Railway Station who was to be our guide, at the iconic 9 metre high, 20-tonne bronze statue named “The Meeting Place”, under the clock – where else – at St Pancras International on 31 May 2102.

Jonathan described how the evening would unfold, first with a guided tour of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, next door to the station and built specifically for railway travellers arriving in London, followed by a behind-the-scenes tour of the St Pancras International Train Station and Eurostar Control Room, and then dinner at Carluccios for those who wished to participate.

Although I have been to St Pancras International Station before, I did not even know the 9 metre high, 20-tonne bronze statue named “The Meeting Place” existed.  It is incredible!  Not only has Paul Day, the artist, captured every muscle, stance and expression of the main statue beautifully, but there are scenes depicted around the base of the statue that are all about travel and show people in different situations, whether strap-hanging on the commuter line or standing in top hat and tails on an empty platform waiting for a train that you suspect will never arrive – in bronze!  The perspective he has achieved on each of these scenes is incredible.

Linda Sargent, LDS Virtual Services