London Montage

Diary of a Games Maker – All Systems GO!

The giant Olympic rings are miraculously suspended from Tower Bridge ready to be raised in tandem with the bridge.  Logos are on the public transport systems, local Council ompetitions have produced Olympic signage popping up in towns all over the country: ‘ All Systems Go’ for tonight’s Opening Ceremony!

As a Games Maker, I visited the (very large) warehouse near Canning Town around the end of June to collect the various items of uniform which will enable members of the Games Maker team to be visible to the unsuspecting public.  The operation was well-organised, enabling us to be fitted for trainers, trousers, shirts and jackets which, along with other useful items such as a backpack, the inevitable baseball cap and socks, were neatly packed in a large (reusable) black bag.  “Check out” took place to ensure that all items were there, then onto collect the Oyster Card.  Fortunately for me the warehouse was only about 200 yards from the nearest DLR station.

My last day of preparation (as well as revising the handbook) will be a half day of on-site venue training during the week of the opening ceremony.

My shifts have been allocated (with a start time of 0800 hours most days, and 0830 hours at the weekend); the shifts cover 7 hours each day.  Also, I have tickets for a couple of the Olympic events  which is making the experience all too real.

There is now within me a growing sense of anticipation of history in the making through this contribution to The Greatest Show on Earth in this millennium to date!

By 12 August I will probably be ready for extended rest and relaxation on another holiday and the opportunity to review the memorable, once in a lifetime experience reflecting on the undoubted success of London 2012 and my good fortune to be such an active part of it; not just a spectator.