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Renaissance Hotel, St Pancras International – Interesting Facts

The magnificent ceiling at the top of the Grand Staircase
  • All the apartments on the top floor have been purchased by private buyers for between £450,000.00 and £10million.
  • The Royal Suite is now an apartment but used to be the hotel ballroom, the most expensive apartment in the hotel, and is rented out at £10,000 a night!
  • There are 650 fireplaces in the hotel and some of the length of flue has been made into air-conditioning ducts, so making them serviceable again.
  • The original Axminster carpet on the landing was made in one piece on a giant loom that is now housed in a museum inHalifax.  The carpet now in situ is an exact replica except it is woven in sections and stitched together.
  • When the hotel was built, the corridors were designed to be wide enough so the Victorian ladies in their wide skirts and bustles could pass each other in the corridor comfortably.
  • The café area used to be the taxi rank; the cabs would drive right up to the booking office so you could jump out and buy your ticket.  Now it is the perfect place to ‘spot the celebrity’ as famous people will often sit there with their friends drinking coffee.
  • The Gilbert Scott restaurant is run by celebrity chef, Marcus Wareing.
  • St Pancras Renaissance Hotel was voted the Number One Hotel in the UK published in the Sunday Times Magazine’s 2011 Top 100 Hotels in the World.

Finally, if you are organising an overnight stay for your football team prior to an important match, do not book them into the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.  Every team that has stayed there prior to a match has lost. .  You have been warned!

Linda Sargent, LDS Virtual Services