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Behind the Scenes of St Pancras International

Date: 31 May 2012 18:15

Attendance at this event will require production
identification for security reasons

St Pancras International plays host to some great and often unusual events. The Station is an inspiring backdrop, with great acoustics for music and the performing arts. It’s also a bustling place which has many uses and one which many travel through. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes?  What will its  role be during the Olympics?  Now is your chance to find out by coming to this  special event plus the opportunity of a discounted supper afterwards at Carluccios Restaurant if you wish to stay on.

Our tour will last about an hour and a half.  The exciting prospect is that we are likely to see parts of the station not accessible to the general public and our host on the evening will be the Revd Jonathan Barker, Chaplain to St Pancras International.  He was ordained into the Church of Wales when he was appointed Chaplain of Sport and Leisure to South Wales.  Being a Priest in a secular setting has put him in good stead for the position at St Pancras International.  He has been there for four years.    He deals with all concerns in the Station environment from train companies to the shops and now the new Renaissance Hotel, working alongside staff, the general public as well as local people.  On booking further information will be provided about meeting point and arrangements with the optional dinner.

Thank you to Network Rail for agreeing to this event.

  • £8 Members for event only
  • £12 non members for event only
  • Optional Dinner –  a non-refundable deposit £10
  • Payment must be made by 12th May 2012
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Attendance at this event will require production
identification for security reasons

Location: St Pancras International Station