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Southwark Cathedral Tour and Bankside Walk

Date: 19 July 2014 11:00

Without revealing too much, the following provides a taster of how the day will unfold:

SouthwaSouthwark Cathedralrk Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral has had a long and distinguished history. In over 1400 years of Christian witness and mission, the church has seen the events of history unfold around it. Your tour with a Cathedral guide will uncover this rich and colourful history. It will be both informative and entertaining.

Why is a former Bishop of Winchester buried in Southwark Cathedral and a former Bishop of Southwark buried in Winchester Cathedral? Which famous London hospital was founded by this church? Who were the Bargainers?

Which little girl has a moving memorial to her memory? What is William Shakespeare holding in his hand and why?

It will recall the Cathedral’s past connections with William Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Theatre. The tombs of John Gower, an early medieval poet and friend of Geoffrey Chaucer, and Bishop Lancelot Andrewes, one of the compilers of the King James Bible, will be visited. John Harvard, whose legacy created the USA’s oldest university, was baptized here and there is a chapel to his memory with a spectacular window designed by La Farge.

 Break for Lunch  

Historic Bankside Walk

Your Cathedral guide(s) will uncover the rich and colourful history of this area, sometimes referred to by those on the City side of the Thames as the “side of the undesirables”. The walk records the time when bishops, bards, and prostitutes lived and worked alongside each other and the docks were adjacent to London Bridge. Stops will be made at various locations including St Mary Overie Dock, The ruins of the Bishops’ of Winchester Palace, the reconstructed Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Deanery. The events which took place during the winters when the Thames froze over will be recalled. We will also pass the sites of the original Rose and Globe Theatres, and the former site of what was once one of the biggest breweries in Europe.

Dorkins - Southwark Cathedral Church Cat

Dorkins – Southwark Cathedral Church Cat


  • Meet at 1100
  • Cathedral Tour (70/90 minutes)
  • Lunch 1 hour 15 minutes (finger sandwiches, fruit platter and mini cakes) – please advise any dietary requirements
  • Bankside Walk (70/90 minutes)

1600 hrs daily choral evensong if anyone wishes to stay after the tour


£19.50 inclusive –  Booking and payment must be received in advance and by Thursday, 10  July 2014  Book here  (at the top of your screen you see a message that states: “This website uses cookies to improve your experience” To proceed you will need to click ‘ALLOW’) and follow instructions


Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge, London SE1 9DA – Meeting place details will be advised on booking.  Southwark Cathedral is conveniently located for the City, Canary Wharf, the West End, and South Bank. Situated less than five minutes walking distance from London Bridge station, the Cathedral is easy to reach from a number of main line and LT underground stations and also bus routes.

Location: Southwark Cathedral North (Riverside) Millennium Courtyard entrance