London Montage


“I originally joined London PA Network as I felt it gave both me and my prospective employers recognition of the level of qualifications I had obtained and my dedication to continuous development.  Over my time with the Network, I have learnt a lot and experienced a wide diversity of subjects and visited places that I would not have done or been able to if not a member. The Network is a forum of not only professional people but also genuine friends who care about and support each other in all aspects of life. If you want to enhance your professional status and knowledge  and be part of a network of like-minded and friendly people, I would say, do not hesitate, sign up today, become a member and see you at the next event!”   Jackie Kershaw

I’ve always been made welcome by this group; I have got to know some of the members well and been able to contribute.  The professional meetings and social events are wonderfully diverse in subject and venue and, each time I go, I come away feeling that I’ve learned very interesting things in an enjoyable way and in a friendly environment.”     Janet Walker

‘I have been a very happy member of London PA Network since its inception and have always found the people who run it and belong to it so warm, friendly and welcoming. The talks and outings that have been arranged have been of great interest and I have learnt a great deal of things from these and visited places I might never have seen before eg.Brompton Cemetery, Lambeth Palace, the Metropolitan Police Stables in Hyde Park and many other interesting places. I would wholeheartedly recommend that anybody who is thinking of joining do so as I am sure you too would benefit from belonging to such a well run organisation where your thoughts and ideas are welcomed and actively encouraged”   Rusty Jones